Paul Bennett, Rain (2011)

Paul’s work is internationally praised for being awesome! This UK based artist makes these open ended, beautiful abstract paintings. They can literally be anything you want them to be (interpretation). I just chose the blue paintings because it’s my favorite color, albeit not the most powerful piece of his work…ok I lied, but it’s just ridiculous how he just does this with his brush while I still struggle to paint my work. Be sure to check out more of his work at his site.

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writing this out still doesn’t make it feel real, but I remember last night far too well

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We loved like an empire,
constantly growing until
we were too powerful for our own good.
We loved like Rome,
falling and falling
until we couldn’t stand back up. —Y.Z, when will we stop repeating history? 

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Anonymous whispered:
Please love yourself and don't get into a relationship with an alcoholic

I am most interested in people with flaws that destroy them, things they believe can’t be fixed. Not necessarily for romance’s sake, but for the greater good, I accidentally took great interest in a very messed up boy, and he terrifies me, but I know he has great value and I’m going to fix him.

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I’m glad the guy that all the things happened last night with doesn’t work with me but see his best friend does work with me so

you know the thing where you’re pushed against something and lifted up and kissed and it is the hottest thing?????

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I left the party with the guy I made out with at a previous party after drinking a few beers and he started to drive up the mountain and then we had sex in my car but he also didn’t have a condom so he didn’t finish then he drove back to his friend’s (lmao my co-worker) house and we talked in the parking lot and he went on about how I shouldn’t trust him and maybe it’s for the best that we never see each other again and then I took his hat and said it’ll be motivation to get him to come back to me and then he started choking me and telling me he wasn’t a good person and I was so scared I wanted to cry but I didn’t I didn’t cry I just let him strangle me and then he guided me to the driver’s seat of my car and left and that was that I’m really drunk and also high right now I did things I shouldn’t have but I’m really confused wow

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obliviateyourface whispered:
like homie this aint 50 shades of grey

but real talk unless you’re into some kinky ass shit you don’t need to put your hands around someone’s neck during sex, I’m just sayin!

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it’s 3am and my stepdad walks into the room, stands in the doorway for like 5 minutes and just goes “oh hey” and walks away?????

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