Fake Movie /// The Joker & Harley Quinn c

starring natalie dormer as harleen quinzel/harley quinn and joseph gilgun as the joker

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we should make a petition that not only bans tipping

but also makes it required for restaurants to pay their servers in all states 

bc tipping is not longer about good service or bad service, it’s now become the customer’s responsibility to pay the employees (which is not at all how it should work) and let me tell you

customers do a shitty job at it especially when you don’t receive a base pay

if morgan doesn’t cower at the very thought of me being pissed off then he’s dumb and learned nothing from dating me

snapchat your ex-boyfriend a picture of nutcrackers with the caption “my secret weapon” and you will be in charge and he will probably never be mean to you again

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Yeah, that's definitely my cousin....

small fuckin world

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umm... that picture you just posted is my cousin


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He just couldn’t say no to her.

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u ever get in a shower that has the water pressure of someone softly crying on u

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